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The Type-R performance speakers are compact and light thanks to a smaller neodynium magnet and a strong yet light HD polymer frame allowing for easier installation in a wider range of vehicles. Even the crossover is 75% smaller than its predecessors. The new Type-R speakers are also much more efficient, making them the perfect match for built-in head unit power, the KTP-445 Power Pack, or a high powered amplifier like the PDR or PDX series.

The Type-R speaker range have taken a huge leap forward with High-Amplitude Multi-Roll (HAMR) technology, adapted from Alpine’s popular Type-R subwoofers, which provides clean, high-impact bass performance. The patented linear drive motor design uses a neodymium magnet and square-wire voice coil to provide linear motion over an extremely wide excursion range. The wave guide optimises the acoustic impedance for smooth response and enhanced vocal clarity, both on and off axis. The ring tweeter with EQ ring and copper cap enhances both detail and output, while the swivel mount allows the sound to be focused for the best in-car performance.

Type-R speakers deliver solid performance, superior linearity, efficiency, and great bass response. Type-R are without compromise the perfect balance of power and control.

Alpine Component Car Speaker System: Extreme clarity combines with incredible power in this Alpine 6.5-inch two-way speaker system. It delivers exceptionally smooth vocals and bass for the ultimate in in-vehicle entertainment, and it produces up to 330 W peak power for serious volume. Neodymium magnets and a polymer frame ensure this Alpine 6.5-inch two-way speaker system is extremely compact and durable.