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Features and Specification

Screen Size: 9 inch WVGA
LCD Type: Transparent Type TN LCD
Operation System: TFT Active Matrix
Number of Picture Elements: 1,152,000 pixels (800 x 3 x 480)
Effective Number of Picture Elements: 99.99%
Illumination System: White LED Backlighting
Colour System: NTSC, PAL
GPS Antenna Type: Micro-strip Planar Aerial
Reception Frequency: 1575.42 ±1 MHz
Reception Sensitivity: -130 dB Maximum
Reception Method: Parallel 12 Channels
CEA-2006 Power Ratings
CEA-2006 Power Rating: 4 Ω @14.4V Ƈ%THD+N, S/N 80dBA (ref.1W into 4 Ω), 18W x 4
Max Power Output Ratings
Max Power Output: 4 x 50 W
FM Tuner
Tuning Range: 87.7 – 107.9 MHz
Mono Usable Sensitivity: 9.3 dBf (0.8 µV / 75 ohms)
50dB Quieting Sensitivity: 13.5 dBf (1.1 µV / 75 ohms)
Alternate Channel Selectivity: 80 dB
Signal-to-Noise (S/N) Ratio: 65 dB
Stereo Separation: 35 dB
Capture Ratio: 2 dB
AM Tuner
Tuning Range: 530 – 1,710 kHz
Usable Sensitivity (IEC Standard): 22.5 µV / 27 dBf
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V2.1+EDR
Output Power: +4 dBm Max. (Power class 2)
HFP: HFP (Hands Free Profile)
HSP: HSP (Head Set Profile)
A2DP: A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile)
AVRCP: AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile)
Disc Player
Frequency Response: 5 -20k Hz ±1 dB
Channel Separation (at 1kHz): 85 dB
Dynamic Range (at 1kHz): 95 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (at 1kHz): 0.008%
Wow & Flutter (%WRMS): B.M.L.
Horizontal Resolution: 500 lines or greater
Video Ouput Level: 1 Vp-p (75 ohms)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (video): 100 dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: DVD: 60 dB
Connection for USB
USB Requirements: USB 1.1/2.0
Max. Power Consumption: 1,000 mA
USB Class: Mass Storage Class, Play From Device
File System: FAT 12/16/32
MP3 Decoding: MPEG-1/2 AUDIO Layer-3
WMA Decoding: Windows Media™ Audio
AAC Decoding: ACC-LC Format ”.m4a” File
DivX Decoding: ”.divx”, ”.avi” File
Number of Channels: 2-Channel (Stereo)
Frequency Response: 5 – 20k Hz ±1 dB *Frequency Response may differ depending on the encoder software/bit rate.
Total Harmonic Distortion (at 1kHz): 0.008%
Dynamic Range (at 1kHz): 95 dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 100 dB
Channel Separation (at 1kHz): 85 dB
Sound Tuning
Subwoofer Level Adjustment: 0 to +15
Subwoofer Phase Setting: 0° or 180°
BASS ENGINE SQ: 5Mode, Level 0 to +6
High Pass Filter: 20 / 25 / 31.5 / 40 / 50 / 63 / 80 / 100 / 125 / 160 / 200 Hz
Low Pass Filter: 20 / 25 / 31.5 / 40 / 50 / 63 / 80 / 100 / 125 / 160 / 200 Hz
Parametric Equalizer (Band 1): 20 – 100 Hz
Parametric Equalizer (Band 2): 63 – 315 Hz
Parametric Equalizer (Band 3): 125 – 500 Hz
Parametric Equalizer (Band 4): 250 – 1k Hz
Parametric Equalizer (Band 5): 500 – 2k Hz
Parametric Equalizer (Band 6): 1k – 4k Hz
Parametric Equalizer (Band 7): 2k – 7.2 k Hz
Parametric Equalizer (Band 8): 5.8k – 12k Hz
Parametric Equalizer (Band 9): 9k – 20k Hz
Parametric Equalizer (Gain): -7 to +7
Time Correction: 0.0 – 9.9ms (0.1ms step)
Application Volume Level: -14 to +14
High Pass Filter (Slope): Off / -6 / -12 / -18 / -24 dB/oct.
High Pass Filter (Gain): -12 to 0 dB
Low Pass Filter (Slope): Off / -6 / -12 / -18 / -24 dB/oct.
Low Pass Filter (Gain): -12 to 0 dB
Din Size: 2DIN
Chassis Size (W x H x D) mm: 178 x 100 x 164 mm
Nose Piece Size (W x H x D) mm: 189.5x 120x 10.25 mm
Power Requirement: 14.4 V.DC (11-16V allowable)
Pre Output Voltage (Before Clipping): 4 V / 10k ohms
AUX Audio Output Level: 1.2 V / 10k ohms
Maximum Mounting Angle: 30°
Weight: 2.9 kg

Navigation Function
3 Positioning Sensors: GPS, Gyroscope, Vehicle Speed Pulse
Direct Phone Call from POI data:
Highway Mode:
Drive Lane Suggestion:
Tunnel Mode:
3D maps with elevation model:
3D Motorway Junction View: Junction View with Sign Post
3D City Mode: 3D Building/Icon Display
Advanced TMC Mode:
Map Display Mode: 2D Heading Up, 2D North Up, 3D
7 Alternative Route Recommendation:
Eco Route Search:
Advanced Route Planning:
Smart Routes using historic traffic patterns:
Advanced POI Functions:
Post Code Search:
Free Form Search:
Partial Name Search Smart Search:
Advanced Address Search:
Menu Language: 24 Languages
Voice Guidance Language: 3 Languages,
Map Coverage: USA and Canada (including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin islands )
Map & Database
Map Database Update (Method): Online Map Update
Memory Presets: FM:12 / AM:6
Memory: Auto Memory
Seek Mode: Local / DX Selection
HD Radio®
HD Radio®: HD Radio Tuner Built-In
Status Indicator: Digital Reception Indicator
Signal Switching: Automatic Digital/Analog Switching
Multi-Casting: Multi-Cast HD1, HD2, HD3
iTunes® Tagging: iTunes Tagging Supported
Bluetooth Module Built-In:
Hands Free Calling: HFP (Hands Free Profile) Compatible
Music Streaming: A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) Compatible
Music Streaming Control: AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) Ver.1.4 Compatible
Connection: SSP (Simple Secure Pairing) Supported
Phone Book: Phone Book Synchronization
Shortcut Dialing: 4 Preset Memory (per phone)
Multiple Phone Number Registration: 5 Phone Numbers can be stored for one name
Auto Answer:
Redial Function:
Call History: Dialed Call / Received Call / Missed Call
Speech Volume Level Adjustment: Possible for Outgoing and Incoming Volume
Phone Battery Level Indicator:
Firmware Update:
Microphone: Microphone Included
Advanced BLUETOOTH® Technology:
Device Name Display:
DTMF (Touch-Tone) Function:
Signal Strength Indicator:
Menu Language Selection: 24 Languages
Individual Profile Connection: Hands Free Phone and Music Streaming
Connection for iPod®
Compatibility for iPod®/iPhone®: Made for iPod touch 5th/4th/3rd/2nd/1st Gen., iPod nano 7th/6th/5th/4th/3rd/ Gen., iPod classic 160GB/120GB/80GB, iPod with video, iPhone5S,iPhone5C, iPhone5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G
Connection: KCU-461iVÂ Required (Sold separately)
Music & Video Playback Compatibility:
Artwork Display:
Available Selections: Playlist/Artist/Album/Song/Podcast/Genre/Composer/Audiobook
Alphabet Search:
Direct Up/Dn: Playlist/Artist/Album/Podcast/Genre/Composer
M.I.X. (Shuffle) Capability: Song, Albums, All
Battery Charging:
Connection for USB
USB Connection: USB Extension Cable Included
Music File Playback: MP3/WMA/AAC Playback
Music & Video Playback Compatible:
Video File Playback: DivX Playback
File/Folder Name Search:
Tag Info Search:
Folder Up/Down:
M.I.X. Random Play:
Satellite Radio
SiriusXm Ready: SVX-200 Required
Connection: Simple Plug’N Play Compatible
Preset Memory: 18 Preset Memory
My Game / My Music Alert: My Game / My Music Alert Compatible
Instant Replay: Instant Replay Compatible
iTunes® Tagging: iTunes Tagging Compatible
Disc Player
Disc Type: DVD/CD Player
Disc Playback Type: DVD-Video, CD, CD-R/RW, DVD±R/±RW
DVD Direct Menu Control:
CD Text Display:
CD Text Search:
M.I.X. Random Play:
DAC: 24 Bit DAC
Playable Format: DVD-Video, CDDA, MP3/WMA/AAC, DivX
Sound Tuning
Bass Engine Pro:
Subwoofer Level Adjustment:
Subwoofer Phase Select:
Equalizer: Flat, Pops, Rock, News, Jazz, Electrical Dance, Hip Hop, Easy Listening, Country, Classical
9-band Parametric Equalizer:
Time Correction: 6-Channel Digital Time Correction
Crossover: Digital Crossover Setting
Application Volume Level Setting:
Sound Setting Data Download:
Easy, Step-by-Step Sound Customization:
Alpine TuneIt App Ready :
Power Output: 4 x 50 W High Power Amplifier
Display: 9 inch WVGA High Resolution Display
Display Backlighting System: White LED Backlighting System
Control Type: Touch
Automatic Setting Change: 2 Users
High Grade Audiophile Design:
Display Color Selection: 5 Background Colors (Blue/Red/Amber/Green/Black) Selectable
AUX Input: 2 A/V AUX Inputs
AUX Output: 1 A/V AUX Output
PreOut: 3 PreOuts (4V, Front/Rear/Subwoofer)
Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready:
Remote Control Ready:
Live Contrast Adjustment:
Menu Language: 24 Languages (for AV/Bluetooth), 29 Language (Navigation Menu and Voice Guidance)
Auto Dimmer:
Power Antenna Lead:
Remote Turn-On:
Firmware Updatable:
50/50 Split Screen:
My Favorites Function:
Optical Outputs:
HDMI Input:
Navigation Guidance Mix:
Camera Connection & Built-in Controls for Multi-View Camers:
Camera Guide Line Adjustment:
Rearview Camera Display Automatic Boot-up:
Simple Mode & Info Mode Display Selection:
StartStop function (for idling stop):
iDatalink :
Pandora: For iPhone
Bluetooth Pandora: For Android

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